WKFCU is Celebrating 70 Years of Service with 70 Acts of Kindness


This year, 2023, WKFCU is celebrating 70 years of service to the employees of Willis-Knighton Heath Systems and their families.

As a part of that year-long celebration, we will be offering 70 Act of Kindness.  Each week, we will suggest an Act of Kindness That our staff will be participating in and we invite all our members to join with us  We appreciate the opportunity we have had to serve WKHS employees and look forward to a bright future together.

On the Act of Kindness Day, each week, we will post on Facebook and send out an email to members.  As you participate in an Act of Kindness, share your experience with us at fun@wkfcu.org or comment on the Act of Kindness post on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wkfcu.

The following will be the Acts of Kindness, for March, April, May and June.


3/2 - Send someone an email just to say hello

3/9 - Hold the door open for someone

3/16 - Write someone a thinking of you note

3/23 - Give someone a thoughtful gift (it does not have to be expensive)

3/30 - Call a friend or family member for no reason other than to chat


4/6 - Pay for someone’s meal behind you in a drive-thru line

4/13 - Buy someone a cup of coffee

4/20 - Let someone cut in front of you in traffic

4/27 - Give up a parking space to someone and park further away


5/4 - Pay someone a genuine and heartfelt compliment

5/11 – Donate old clothes and stuff you do not need

5/18 - Tell someone special to you how much you love and appreciate them

5/25 – Bake cookies or a cake for someone


6/1 - Do not complain about anything the entire day

6/8 - Cook or buy some food for someone

6/15 - Take the time to listen to someone attentively rather than monopolize the conversation

6/22 - Take your grocery cart back to the store after you are done

6/27 – Share your favorite recipe

6/29 - Forgive someone who wronged you in the past

More Coming in July, 2023.


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