WKFCU is Celebrating 70 Years of Service with 70 Acts of Kindness


This year, 2023, WKFCU is celebrating 70 years of service to the employees of Willis-Knighton Heath Systems and their families.

As a part of that year-long celebration, we will be offering 70 Act of Kindness.  Each week, we will suggest an Act of Kindness That our staff will be participating in and we invite all our members to join with us  We appreciate the opportunity we have had to serve WKHS employees and look forward to a bright future together.

On the Act of Kindness Day, each week, we will post on Facebook and send out an email to members.  As you participate in an Act of Kindness, share your experience with us at fun@wkfcu.org or comment on the Act of Kindness post on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wkfcu.


Home for the Holidays - $70 weekly cash giveaways
Open Enrollment
Credit Union Day – 10/19
10/3 - Drop-off personal hygiene items or diapers at a local shelter
10/5 - Leave a box of tennis balls at the park with a sign that explains it is meant for dog owners to use to play with their dogs
10/10 - Do not correct someone, especially in public, even if you know they are wrong
10/12 - Pay for someone else’s meal anonymously at a restaurant
10/17 – Send a friend an old photo and recall that time
10/19 – Leave only positive comments and responses on social media
10/24 – Leave candy or chocolate for your co-worker while they aren’t watching
10/26 – Tip someone you wouldn’t ordinarily tip
10/31 – Compliment someone on their Halloween costume


Home for the Holidays - $70 weekly cash giveaways
Gift Day –
Membership Appreciation Day – 11/16
Holiday Loan – 7.00%
11/2 – Get some silly glasses and wear them until you make someone laugh
11/7 – Go vote today
11/9 – Give a compliment about someone to his/her manager
11/14 – Drop off cat or dog food at an animal shelter as they are always in need
11/16 – Send a friend a positive text
11/21 – Bring in donuts for your co-workers
11/23 – Leave a glowing review for a business or employee who helped you or your kids
11/28 – Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment


Home for the Holidays - $70 weekly cash giveaways
12/5 – Let someone go ahead of you in line
12/7 – Send your favorite grade school teacher a card
12/12 – Slow down and hold the door open for the person behind you
12/14 – Place a positive or happy sign or sticker on your car so that is visible to other drivers
12/19 – Write a kind or encouraging message on a napkin and leave it at the table
12/21 – Apologize to someone, even if it is not your fault
12/26 – Hug someone to show you care
12/28 – Text someone Good Morning

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