The Annual Meeting is Just One Part of the Credit Union Difference!

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2021
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
It’s a Roaring Good Time!

One of the ways Willis-Knighton Federal Credit Union demonstrates our uniqueness in the financial services world is by holding our Annual Meeting with our member-owners. Everybody knows that being a member-owner is better than being just a customer, right?

“At a credit union, the members are in control.” It’s a great slogan, but do you know what it means? You’re probably aware it doesn’t mean you can walk into a credit union branch and make changes to the décor or dress code. You also can’t declare Thursdays to be mandatory luau days, unfortunately. Members, though, are in control of their credit union. Each member literally owns a small piece of the credit union by simply opening a savings account. Every member gets one vote at the credit union’s annual meeting to select the Board of Directors, which means that making members happy is a credit union’s first priority. In contrast, banks are owned by their shareholders. So making customers happy might be important to a bank, but a bank’s main goal is to turn a profit.

Here are 4 ways credit unions are different from banks:

  1. Credit Unions Can Charge Lower Fees
    Banks make a lot of money in fees. ATM fees, monthly service fees, loan origination fees and of course overdraft fees. Credit unions, in contrast, almost always charge lower fees.
  2. Credit Unions Can Be More Forgiving
    Credit unions are also more forgiving than banks. If you overdraw your account, for instance, many banks charge a higher overdraft coverage fee per item. Credit unions, on the other hand, have lower overdraft fees. Even better, if you are going through a hard time, a credit union representative is usually more willing to sit down and work with you.
  3. Credit Unions can Offer Better Interest Rates
    Since a credit union is more concerned with covering its operating costs instead of making a profit, it can offer better savings and loan interest rates to its members. A loan from a credit union has a lower interest rate than a similar loan from a bank, which can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over time.
  4. Credit Unions are more Willing to Work with You
    If you have poor credit, outstanding debts or have difficulty qualifying for a loan, most banks won’t want to work with you. Worse, you could be a target for groups that want to sell you subprime loans or, worse yet, payday loans. If you’re a member of a credit union, though, a loan advisor will meet with you in person. They’ll help you to find a loan with terms that can work for you, and may even be able to suggest a loan that can help boost your credit score as well.
  5. The Annual Meeting
    The Annual Meeting is a huge part of what makes credit unions different from banks. It is at the Annual Meeting that members get to vote for members of the Board of Directors for the credit union. You also get to learn about the plan the credit union leadership has for the year. The CEO’s report is found in the Annual Repost that will be available upon request at the meeting and also on our website. The credit union Annual Meeting is also a way to celebrate you, our members, and thank you for your loyalty and support with food, a Thank-You gift and a cash giveaway.

Each credit union does things a little differently for their Annual Meetings. In the past, we have had night meetings, then meeting during the day at our Event Center and now, for safety reasons due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have the Drive-Thru, Stay-In-The-Car Annual Meeting.

This year you can go to either branch to participate.

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2021
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
It’s a Roaring Good Time!
Gifts, Food & Cash Prizes

At the Shreveport Branch -- Drive to the front of the Loan Center

At the Bossier Branch -- Drive Thru the Parking Area Behind the Building

There is no need to park and get out of your car. We will come to you.

There is no need to pre-register this year.

(Must be a member to receive a gift and lunch, register for cash prizes and vote in the Board of Directors Election. Gifts and lunch available while supplies last.)

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