Be Sure Your Money Gets To Your Account - Use the Correct Numbers

When you file your taxes this year, be sure to use your correct account number and routing number to avoid your refund being returned.

  1. If you want your refund to go to your Share/Savings Account, use your 4-or 5-digit Member Number.
  2. If you want it to go to your Share Draft/Checking Account, use the 10-digit number.
  3. Be sure to check the proper type of account on the refund form -- Savings or Checking.
  4. Be sure you have the correct routing number for WKFCU -- 311175970.

If your numbers are wrong, your refund will be returned.

Do not let anyone else use your account for their refund. 

The name on the refund and the account must match or it could be seen as fraudulent activity. The refund will be returned.

Special Savings On TurboTax

You can save up to $15 on federal tax products by using TurboTax because you are a member of WKFCU.  Check it out on our website, www.wkfcu.org or  the LoveMyCU Rewards website, https://rewards.lovemycreditunion.org.

Account Update Notice Letters

If you have received or receive a letter from WKFCU about a direct deposit you are receiving from an employer, government agency or tax preparer, the deposit information they have is incorrect and will cause your deposit/refund to be returned.

The letter states that we have tried to correct the information on your behalf, but deposits still have the incorrect information and have to be manually posted. You will need to contact the company, agency or tax preparer as listed in the letter and correct your account information or future deposits will be returned.

  • If you want your deposit to go to your Share/Savings account, use your 4 or 5 digit account/member number.
  • If you want your deposit to go to your Share Draft/Checking account, use your 10-digit checking account number

Your correct account numbers are written on a card that is enclosed with the letter. You can also call either branch and we can verify your information

Even if you have been receiving your deposit in the past, future deposits with the incorrect information will be returned.

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