Beware of Package Pending Spam Text Messages

Fraudsters are at it again with a new “package pending” text message scam that claims a package is waiting for you to pick up and offers a link to click for more information.

By pretending to be a delivery notification for a package, these types of texts are an attempt to steal your personal data and financial information or sign you up for bogus subscriptions if you’re not careful. If you receive an unsolicited text like this, delete it immediately and block the number. Don’t click on any links. If you thing it could be legit, contact the company using a website or phone number you know is real. Don’t use the information in the text message.

The message might say it was from a well-known shipping company such as, FedEX, UPS or even the U.S. Postal Service.

In some versions of the scam, the link takes you to a fake Amazon website. There you’re invited to take a customer satisfaction survey and you might just win a free prize. But to get it, you have to give them your credit card number to pay for shipping.

Ask yourself:

  • Was I expecting a package delivery?
  • Did I send a package to someone?
  • Did I ask for text notifications?

Police believe the text senders may have purchased your name and cell phone number from a data breach incident. Because they only have a portion of your data, it’s not useful to them and they can’t scam you unless you provide the remaining information.

A recently reported spam text message read like this:
“(Your Name) we came across a parcel pending for you. Kindly claim ownership and schedule for delivery here: Imascammer.com.”
(Hello, (Your name) your FEDEX package with tracking code XX-XXXX-XXXX is waiting for you to set delivery preferences: e2fzc.info/c3sHTZBWhYR )

The response link may look legitimate, but it’s not. It’s reported that people who clicked the link were told they’d won a gift card. They were required to complete a form giving their personal information and agreement to pay a monthly subscription along with their credit card number to pay for it. They were scammed twice.

Protect yourself against unsolicited texts

  1. NEVER click on an unsolicited link sent to you via text or email. DELETE IT!
  2. NEVER provide personally identifiable information like your name, date of birth, Social Security number, etc.
  3. NEVER provide debit or credit card information.

Remember, in these types of cases, there is very little chance of you getting your money back.

(Partially reprinted from Shazam Blog and consumer.ftc.gov)

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