Tips To Get Through the Drive-Thru Faster and Easier

As we adjust to the way we live and work during these unprecedented times, we understand this also includes adjusting to the way we bank, too. It’s no secret drive-thrus are seeing an increase in the number of members visiting to complete a variety of transactions. This means wait times to perform your transaction may be longer than usual. The good news is that our team is working diligently to ensure your visit to the drive-thru is as seamless as possible. That’s why we put together a few tips to help improve your next drive-thru experience.

Filling Out a Drive-thru Slip

If you are depositing, withdrawing or transferring from your account, you will need to fill out a deposit/transaction slip. These slips are located in the tubes as you pull into the drive-thru. Use the tube system to give your completed slip to the Member Services Representative to complete your transaction. BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR TRANSACTION SLIP. ALL CASH TRANSACTIONS MUST HAVE A SIGNATURE.

Remember Your ID and Account Information

Please be sure to write your Name and Account Number or Social Security Number on the Slip. Fill out the form completely, including your signature, with the amount of your deposit and/or withdrawal. Don’t forget to bring your ID. You will need to provide it to verify your identity and perform your transaction safely and securely.

Some Days May Be Busier; Expect Longer Wait Times

While we have seen a general increase in drive-thru traffic due to the impact of COVID-19, we have found that some days are also busier than others. If you’re planning a trip to the drive-thru, please note that we typically see an increase in drive-thru traffic on the Thursday and Friday of a WKHS payroll week. If you’d like to visit us on these days, please plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time to make it to your other destinations.

Depositing Coins or Large Deposits

If you would like to deposit rolled/loose coins, or large/heavy deposits, you can do so by scheduling an appointment to bring them inside. If placed in the drive-thru tubes it could cause them to get stuck or break.

Other Tips:

  1. There are lane markers to help with traffic and decrease the chances of blocking any vehicles
  2. We encourage you to endorse your checks before getting in line at the drive-thru – this will help complete your transaction quicker and minimize your contact with others
  3. Stay alert and pull up when able

Would You Rather Skip the Drive-thru? There’s a Chance You Can!

  1. To make a withdrawal you can also visit an ATM at each hospital, The Oaks, Rehabilitation Institute and both branches. If you only have a savings account and no Debit Card to use the ATM, you can open a checking account at no charge and no minimum deposit, and request a debit card.
  2. If you need to deposit a check, you can use Mobile Deposit on our Mobile App
  3. To check on your accounts 24/7, you can use Internet Teller, the WKFCU Mobile App, Telephone Teller - 318-0612 and Telephone Text Banking.

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