So, it’s Time To Buy a Car....Narrow Down Your Shopping List

When it’s time to replace your vehicle, there are a lot of things to think about. Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at all the steps to buying a car.

Let Your New Car Find You

With over hundreds of new makes and models available, how do you narrow down your list? To some extent, your lifestyle can help. Imagine the activities you’ll experience in your new vehicle. If you have small children, you need something that’s roomy enough for everything you have to take with you and is also strong on safety features. Or perhaps you care more about performance or style. Or maybe you have a job in sales and need something suitable for taking clients to lunch. If it has to haul or tow something, the choices are pretty obvious.

When considering the purchase of a car, everything counts: Number of seats, number of doors, size, performance, color, style, comfort and sometimes even towing capacity. The key is to narrow your search by creating a short list of choices before ever stepping into a dealership.

Where to start? Well, with the convenience of the internet and our car shopping service, AUTOLINK, on our website, www.wkfcu.org, you can narrow your list of candidates in a short time. Take advantage of the tools available on this site to review your options. This section includes dealerships where your credit union membership will qualify you for discounted prices, you can see AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports, the latest Black Book fair market vehicle pricing information and search for manufacturer rebates and incentives. And don't forget to visit our Virtual Test Drive page to get a virtual tour of any car that interest you. It's the perfect way to experience your next vehicle without having to set foot outside your home!

These easy-to-use internet tools put you in a position to effortlessly analyze your choices before making your final decision. Avoid making the common mistake of impulse buying. A minor delay in automotive gratification is worth the time spent.

AUTOLINK on the Willis-Knighton Federal Credit Union website, www.wkfcu.org, will help you locate the information you need regardless of how you shop. Your credit union is with you all the way through the process, not just financing. (Partially reprinted from kbb.com)

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