GoodToKnow: Would You Like a Lower Monthly Payment on Your Vehicle?

Are You Unhappy With Your Auto, Boat, RV or ATV Loan?

Would You Like to Lower Your Monthly Payments?

Maybe It’s Time to Consider Refinancing

The principle behind auto loan refinancing is simple: You take on a new loan to pay off the balance on your existing auto loan. If you’re struggling with a high interest rate or an unaffordable monthly payment, refinancing could be the key to finding better, more favorable terms.

Consider refinancing …

…If you want a better interest rate.
Consider refinancing if interest rates have dropped or if your credit health has improved.

…If you want lower monthly payments.
Are you having a difficult time covering your monthly payment? Refinancing for a longer term can bring down your monthly costs. Keep in mind that while lower monthly payments may help you in the short term, a longerterm loan could put you at more financial risk. You may be stuck paying off your loan after your car’s value has depreciated. If your immediate goal is to reduce your monthly expenses, an auto loan refinance could still be a good choice. Consider refinancing now but increasing your monthly payment once your financial situation has improved.

…If you won’t be penalized for repaying your existing loan.
Refinancing your auto loan means paying off your existing loan early. This could be a problem if your existing loan contract includes a prepayment penalty clause.

When is the right time to refinance?

…When your credit health has improved. Better scores indicate to lenders that you’re more likely to pay off your loan, so you may get a lower rate.

…When you’re not underwater on your loan. Be sure your car is worth more than the remaining balance.

Refinancing your auto loan can help you access new payment options that better fit your needs. Whether your credit has improved, interest rates have gone down or you’ve found a lender who can offer you better terms, it might be the time to refinance.


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Partially reprinted from Credit Karma, “When Should I Refinance My Auto Loan?


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