• What is a myPIC Studio debit card?
    It’s just like a normal check or debit card, except that you get to choose the photo or image that appears on the card. There are Image Guidelines, but as long as your image complies with those basic rules, you can create a check card that is unique to you. You can also use the Image Gallery to choose an Image for your card.
  • Who is eligible for a myPIC Studio card?
    Willis-Knighton Federal Credit Union checking account holders.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each photo card costs $10.00.

  • Can my joint account holders design their own cards too?
    Sure. Every card associated with the account can be customized by the individual cardholder. Each card will be charged $10.00.

  • How often can I change the image on my card?
    As often as you like. You will be charged the $10.00 fee to change your image and have a new card issued.

  • Will I be charged $10.00 when my card expires to receive a new one?
    No. There is no fee to reissue expired cards. Your new card will have the same image that you previously uploaded and created.

  • Does customizing my card change anything about my account, like my PIN number?
    No. Your account and your PIN will remain the same. The things that will change are: how your card looks, the expiration date since it is based on your card issue date, and your CVV code on the back.

  • How does my photo get approved?
    Every image submitted is reviewed for compliance with the Image Guidelines.

  • What if my image isn’t accepted?
    We will notify you by email if there is a problem with your image and you will have the opportunity to submit another photo. In most cases, it may be as simple as selecting an image that isn’t trademarked or under copyright. You will want to be very careful that you submit a photo that meets the Image Guidelines.

  • How do I convert my photo into a digital photo?
    You will need to convert your physical photo into a digital photo. If you take a regular photo into a photo processing facility, they may be able to scan the photo for your and put it on a disk. Remember, the image needs to be saved in either .jpeg or .bmp formats.

  • What size does my digital photo need to be?
    Please use an image that is at least 840x840 pixels. Our design service provides a tool to re-size your picture to look the way you want it to.

  • What can I do to make sure the myPIC Studio debit card turns out as good as possible?
    Choose a clear, sharply focused image, preferable taken at a high resolution. You can also use photo editing software to enhance your photo prior to uploading it; however, it isn’t required.

  • How soon will I receive my new myPIC Studio debit card?
    Your card will take 7-10 business days to reach you in the mail.

  • How do I activate my new myPIC Studio debit card?
    You will take your new card to an ATM and use your PIN number to do a transaction. This will activate your card. Once your card is activated, you will need to shred your old card as it is not active any longer.

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